Mirakl Invoicing: The only white-label buyer invoicing solution engineered for marketplaces

Karthik Jawahar - June 12, 2024

Invoices are essential for online purchases and procurement. They ensure that suppliers get paid, provide buyers with proof of purchase, maintain tax compliance, and aid in account keeping and financial reconciliation. But in an eCommerce landscape that is increasingly shifting towards marketplaces, invoicing lags behind. None of the numerous eCommerce payment service providers and invoicing solutions on the market are optimized for marketplace use cases. 

Marketplace sellers have to provide invoices in order to get paid on time and comply with local regulatory requirements. They have two options to meet this need: they can either go through the cumbersome process of manually uploading invoices for each order, or they can automate invoicing through complex ERP integrations. In both cases, sellers face costly and inefficient processes. For B2B transactions, the cost is even higher: inaccurate invoices or delays in sending invoices risk payment delays for the suppliers.  

Suppliers aren’t the only ones that need more accurate, efficient processes. Having accurate invoices makes it possible for consumers to claim warranties and process exchanges. The stakes can be even higher for B2B transactions. For businesses that sell to other businesses, different supplier invoice formats can complicate the accounts payable process, hampering the buyer’s experience. 

When you leave invoicing to suppliers, the experience is more complicated for both suppliers and buyers. No one is happy.

Imagine a marketplace where suppliers no longer have to worry about invoicing. With Mirakl Invoicing, this is now a reality.

Introducing Mirakl Invoicing

Mirakl Invoicing is a no-code, natively built solution for white-label buyer invoices. With Mirakl Invoicing, marketplace operators can generate invoices automatically for every order, on behalf of the sellers.

Mirakl Invoicing is a flexible and customizable solution that allows the configuration of invoice language, legal mentions, memos, and branding at scale and with ease. Operators can offer invoicing capabilities to selected sellers, or choose to offer it to their entire seller base, ensuring accurate and consistently formatted invoices regardless of the sellers. 

Mirakl Invoicing’s general availability was announced during the Mirakl Summits 2024 world tour.

Benefits of Mirakl Invoicing

Mirakl Invoicing stands out by making the invoicing process swift and efficient. With our no-code solution: 

  • Time-to-go-live with an invoicing solution in place is drastically reduced, allowing marketplace operators to start reaping the benefits almost immediately. 

  • For each order a uniform, accurate PDF invoice is generated, eliminating discrepancies and boosting customer satisfaction. 

  • Finally, sellers are not burdened with invoice generation and complex integrations to their systems. 

Mirakl Invoicing ensures accurate invoices and enables operators to create compliant invoices that meet local regulations' needs, making expansion into new markets smoother and less daunting. 

Everything is built into one platform, with the Mirakl Marketplace Platform as the single source of truth, streamlining reconciliation and finance operation for both the operator and the marketplace sellers. 

Best of all, this powerful tool comes with no additional costs for all Mirakl Marketplace customers, setting Mirakl apart from other marketplace and invoicing solutions.

Stay tuned for the launch of Mirakl Invoicing for dropship and one creditor models later this year. 

Want to see Mirakl Invoicing in action? Request a demo here, or contact your Customer Success Consultant or Account Manager to learn more!

Karthik Jawahar,
Product Marketing Manager - B2B

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